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Coach Jase is a serving member of the British Army and as such fitness has been a key part of his life for many years. He has trained soldiers in the most demanding conditions in a range of environments around the world.


From this he decided he wanted to offer more when it came to rehabilitating athletes. A natural progression was was to be able to support athletes through soft tissue therapy and formal mindset training.


These ventures have led him to coach functional athletes with Mindset Rx'd and support the recovery of athletes as a therapist. This has taken him around the UK supporting athletes individually and at large scale events such as the London Marathon and various CrossFit competitions.

He has extensive experience in a range of diverse areas with specialist qualifications including; GP exercise referral and obesity and diabetes management as well as nutrition coaching.

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​​Coach Rose found CrossFit back in 2016 and realised quickly she had found something special. The combination of a strong, supportive community with classes and workouts that leave you feeling accomplished and empowered was like nothing she had ever experienced in a gym before.
Rose continued with CrossFit during pregnancy and wanted to get back to the community and way of exercising she loved after delivery, but found that normal “mainstream” advice and guidelines didn’t resonate with her or take into account the things she wanted her body to do. That was the start of a journey that continues to this day and she is passionate about helping women participate in CrossFit safely through pregnancy and then return progressively and successfully postpartum.

Rose is not only a highly qualified coach, specialising in strength and conditioning for pregnancy, postpartum and perimenopause but also a Soft Tissue Therapist and Pilates instructor. 


Meet the Team

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