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Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach

Rose is an experienced Strength and Conditioning coach who specilaises in all aspects of women's fitness. She is dedicated to providing clarity to the often confusing world of pregnancy and postpartum exercise. Rose has worked with women from a huge range of backgrounds including Crossfitters, Triathletes, Ultra Runners, Climbers, Netball players and Weightlifters, helping them to both navigate pregnancy and their return to activity postpartum.

We've joined forces with Gemma McGregor from Specialised Physiotherapy to bring a brand new range of unique tailored programmes


Gemma McGregor

Specialist Women's Health Physiotherapist

Gemma is a highly experienced WHPT and Mummy MOT Practioner who is passionate about all things women's health. One of her many areas of expertise is guiding women through pregnancy and postpartum. Gemma supports and treats women who are dealing with many of the common issues associated with these chapters such as incontinence, prolapse or diastasis recti. Through her practice she helps women to stay active in a progressive and safe way that supports their changing body.

Gemma's Website can be found here



A fully comprehensive and progressive programme for all mums wanting to safely return to exercise postpartum. This one of a kind programme combines the joint expertise of a women's health physio and specialist pregnancy and postpartum coach to bring you a holistic approach to rehab and recovery.

Featuring live classes, individual programming, one to one consultations with Rose and Gemma, bonus workouts and education. 

We are so excited about this programme - its everything we wish we had had and we are working hard to bring it to you soon!



This programme is the perfect combination of Women's Health Physiotherapy and progressive exercise and fitness. 

Featuring a consultation and assessment with Gemma to establish the best course for your body, a consultation with Rose to discuss how to bring everything together into a progressive exercise plan based on your goals and needs and a personalised plan delivered via our training app with check ins to see how you're getting on and monitor your progress.

More details coming soon!

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