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Located either in our Redcar Clinic or CrossFit Longacre in Skelton, Soft Tissue Therapy and Sports Massage is for everyone, not just those rehabbing an injury. So whether you are trying to improve performance, maintain great movement patterns, improve posture and position, deal with movement restrictions and aches and pains, we can help!

To enquire and book use the link below to drop us an email.

As Soft Tissue Therapists with multiple qualifications in Strength and Conditioning, Weightlifting, CrossFit and Pilates we are able to provide an holistic approach to health, fitness and recovery. Our broad range of experience perfectly compliments our sports massage and soft tissue work as we have a thorough understanding of not only how the body moves but also how to help clients reach their goals, whether that be increased performance, remedial exercises, injury recovery and prevention.



Either in person from our private studio in Redcar or online, Coach Rose is an experienced pregnancy coach, helping guide you through what can be a confusing chapter.

We all know that exercise can be extremely beneficial in pregnancy but sometimes the conflicting guidance can be overwhelming. Rose can help coach you through the changing trimesters, provide strategies, modifications and tailored workouts especially designed to support your changing body.



When you are ready to get back to exercising and start rebuilding your strength, Coach Rose's extensive experience can help you navigate your initial rehab and give you the tools to confidently return to the sports, activities you love!


Coaching is available online or from our private studio in Redcar. 

The internet is full of awful postpartum messaging, with workouts that promise to help you "get your body back" or celebrities or PTs that had a baby and now think they're qualified to coach new mums. Postpartum fitness is way more than just trying to fit back into your jeans (awful messaging again!) its full body strengthening from the inside out in a progressive and informed way, supporting your busy lifestyle and return to sport and fitness.

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Specific coaching designed around you. Maybe you want to start building strength, increasing fitness and don't know where to start or you would like to start working out under the guidance of a highly qualified coach that can help you reach your goals, our coaching is available online or in person from our Redcar studio.


Maybe your needs are more specific, perhaps you are worried about how to continue exercising in a way that supports you through perimenopause or perhaps you are dealing with some pelvic floor issues that are stopping you from exercising in the way you love. Either way Rose is both a perimenopause coach and also experienced in helping women navigate exercise with incontinence, prolapse and other pelvic health concerns.



With more and more women joining gyms and participating in sport, holding a workshop for your female clientele (and maybe even your coaches) can be a fantastic way to show you support your female athletes during the various chapters that as women we go through! 

Pre and Postpartum workshops, pelvic health and athleticism, perimenopause or a combination of all three. Rose has run workshops and courses around the country aimed at giving female athletes the knowledge and tools to continue training in harmony with their changing bodies.



Unlike many other plans, our unique programme is based on achieving sustainable long term habit change that will help you on your nutrition journey. 

This is achieved through a personalised programme designed around your specific needs. 

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Delivered online, the programme takes a holistic approach to nutrition educating you on the fundamentals and helping you understand the your current approach better. 

From there we implement a personalised strategy to help build positive relationships with food and long term habits that you will be able to continue on your own. 

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